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darcy & willow

bi double escorts


They are available outside of rostered hours, enquire with reception x


Willow Stats:

Age: 29

Height: 5'3"

Size: 8  - 10

Bust: Full C

Build: Athletic / Curvy

Tattoos: No

Origin: NZ Euro

Darcy Stats:

Age: 30

Height: 5'6"

Size: 10

Bust: DD

Build: Toned Curvy

Tattoos: No

Origin: Euro/Asian


Indulge in the intoxicating duo that is Darcy and Willow,

An irresistible pairing that epitomizes sensuality and allure. 

Willow is a master of seduction with that smoldering smile that demands your attention. Her quick wit and perky derriere only add to her appeal, making you crave her every word.

Darcy radiates a mysterious vibe that you can't resist. She's all about embracing adventure and living boldly, and her confidence is beyond sexy. She'll leave you begging for more.

Individually hot, but together? They're an explosive combination that'll leave you absolutely spellbound. Strap in for a wild ride of chemistry that sets the room on fire.

Don’t be shy to ask about the array of naughty extras they offer..

services & rates


90 min BD

75 min BD

1 hour BD

45 min BD

30 min BD








Ultimate Intimacy:           $100

experience intimacy past GFE with

these ladies by adding their extensive range of sex toys to enhance your time together


Deep French Kissing    
Dirty talk        
Greek with Willow     
Group play     


$50 PL

$50 PL 

$50 PL





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