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The ideal client: How to be the type of client escorts love

If you knew there was such a thing as the ideal client, the type of client escorts adore, the type of client who gets the best service, consistently, wouldn’t you want to be more like him?

If your goal is to have a higher hit rate of toe-curling, ecstasy-inducing, can’t-walk-right-for-days bookings and fewer disappointments, then read on…

So okay, to be fair, you’re a paying customer and we’re the professionals, so it’s our job to satisfy your needs, but treating punting as a purely self-serving activity prevents you from getting the most out of your time and money.

After all, punting isn't cheap, and there’s nothing worse than leaving a booking with a lighter wallet and a heavy heart.

Anyone, regardless of looks, charisma, or income, can be the ideal client and ensure a greater success rate of gratifying experiences.


Communicate your needs and desires prior to confirming a booking:

If you want something specific, be it an outfit, a service, or a tailored experience, you should make this clear before you arrive.

She’s a professional escort and she wants to please you, so be bold and ask her for what you want.

You’ll be mad at yourself if you don’t ask, only to arrive and realise she doesn’t offer the services you’re looking for.

Also, don’t assume all escorts are the same.

Personal boundaries differ and what one escort may offer for free, another escort might offer as an extra, or maybe not at all!


Respect her boundaries:

Agreeing to a booking doesn’t mean agreeing to being treated like an object.

Even sex workers have boundaries.

Sure, you’ve paid her, but an exchange of money doesn’t mean anything goes.

She has a nervous system and experiences pain and discomfort just like you do.

So if she politely asks you to stop or make adjustments to whatever you’re doing, please listen to her and respect her boundaries.

Be a gentleman, because at The Doll House, good behaviour is rewarded with good service.

Do you really want to gain the reputation of being rough or rude? Because rough, rude people get blacklisted, so it’s in your best interests to behave courteously.


Your hygiene matters:

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “The cleaner you are, the dirtier she’ll be”?

At The Doll House, we consider that our mantra and a gentle reminder that clean clients typically receive better service.

So be mindful of your personal hygiene.

Brush your teeth or use the mouthwash provided. It's there for a reason, because a minty mouth is a kissable mouth.

Make proper use of the shower provided, and lather it all up!

Get up in all of your nooks and crannies, so there's nothing stopping her from getting up in them too!

She needs you to be clean, to smell clean and to taste clean, so there’s nothing preventing her from getting close to you. Don’t stand in your own way by being stinky.


Have a good attitude:

Apply the golden rule: "Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you".

You’re here to have a good time with a sexy lady, not to pass judgement on what you perceive to be the flaws in her appearance or comment on her age, weight, height, ethnicity etc.

The ideal client doesn’t make hurtful comments or act in a way that says “I’m better than you”. No good ever comes from putting others down, especially not in the bedroom.

Sure, even if you’re rude, rough or insulting, she’ll still try her best to satisfy you, because she’s a professional, but it will be a struggle for her, and will likely affect the quality of the service you receive.

Benjamin Franklin said it best, "Tart words make no friends; a spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar."


Don’t get too personal:

Again, boundaries.

I understand that you’ve just had sex, and naturally you’ll feel closer to her as a result, but please avoid prying too deeply into her personal life.

By all means you’re free to divulge as much as you’d like about yourself, because we escorts are great to talk to! In fact for many, we’re a form of therapy.

But unless she’s volunteering personal information about herself, then take that as a sign and respect her privacy.


Don’t gossip to sex workers about other sex workers:

We’re a small industry and gossip travels.

Be they positive or negative comments, keep them to yourself.

It’s very unsettling for us to hear a client rattle off the names, physical appearance, sexual information or personal details of another sex worker.

It’s a breach of trust that gets you no brownie points.

Instead, it makes us question your motives and leaves us feeling very vulnerable and exposed, and we can’t help but wonder, if he’s talking like this about her, then what’ll he say about me? And who’s he going to say it to?!

Mutual discretion is key.


Honour her time:

If you’re a man who needs a little more time to get to the finish line, then factor that in when making a booking and opt for a lengthier booking.

Please don’t be one of those guys who loiters or tries to continue playing past your allotted time.

It’s not pleasant for us to have to hurry you up, and it puts a dampener on what was an otherwise fun experience. It’s also likely that someone needs to use the room after you and by staying over time, you’re delaying other appointments.


Finally, sometimes, and despite your best efforts, you won’t click with an escort, no matter how hard you try. It's a gamble sometimes, which is why they call it punting.

What I can assure you though, is that by sticking to these tips, you’ll be setting yourself up to enjoy more gratifying experiences and fewer costly disappointments.


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