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Dental Dams: What they are and why you should use them

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of using condoms for safe oral sex, so now let’s discuss dental dams.

For many men, the idea of using a dental dam may seem off-putting,

The thought of licking latex might seem weird or less erotic, but when used properly, dental dams can enhance a woman's pleasure.

Even if they’re new to you or you feel unsure, they’re as easy to use as condoms, and they come in a variety of flavors. They're also a great option for the germaphobes among us, who might be a bit squeamish about performing cunnilingus on a stranger.

While dental dams aren't the industry standard in New Zealand, we hope that with time and greater awareness, they’ll become a more regular part of commercial sexual encounters. 

Here at The Doll House, we encourage our staff and clients to use dental dams for cunnilingus, Just like condoms, you can find dental dams in each of our rooms. So why not give them a try? Who knows, you might like them!

What Is A Dental Dam?

A dental dam is a thin, flexible piece of latex or polyurethane that acts as a barrier during oral sex. Just like condoms, dental dams prevent the transmission of STDs. You place it over the vulva or anus, to enjoy safe oral sex without direct contact.

But What About Pleasure for Women?

You might be worried that using a dental dam will take away from your partner’s pleasure. But here's the thing—women enjoy oral sex. Even with a dental dam, it’s still an incredibly erotic experience.

Oral sex is about more than just direct contact. It’s the whole experience—your partner's touch, the intimacy, and the attention you’re giving.

The presence of a dental dam doesn't diminish the sensuality of the act. It's the thought and effort you put into pleasing your partner that counts the most.

You can use a water-based or silicone-based lubricant on the side of the dam that will come into contact with your partner. This can actually enhance the sensations, making it feel even better for her. The smooth, slippery surface of the dam can provide a unique and pleasurable sensation.

Dental Dams Protect Against HPV Related Cancer In Men:

Human papillomavirus (HPV) can be transmitted through oral sex and is linked to cancers of the throat, base of the tongue, and tonsils.

HPV-related throat cancers are a growing concern in New Zealand. For men, this means a significant risk.

Actor Michael Douglas famously attributed his throat cancer to HPV contracted through oral sex, highlighting the real risks involved.

How to Use a Dental Dam

Using a dental dam is straightforward:

  1. Check the Package: Ensure the dental dam is within its expiration date and that the packaging is intact. An expired or damaged dam may not provide effective protection.

  2. Open Carefully: Tear open the package carefully to avoid ripping the dam. Handle it gently to maintain its integrity.

  3. Position the Dam: Place the dental dam over the vulva or anus. Use a lubricant on the side that will come into contact with your partner to increase comfort. This helps in keeping the dam in place and enhances the experience for your partner.

  4. Hold in Place:  Your partner will sit on the edge of the dam and pull it between their legs, stretching it and holding it tightly against their vulva. You may also hold the edges of the dental dam to keep it in place during oral sex, Ensure it remains taut to provide a barrier. This helps in maintaining effective protection throughout the act.

  5. Dispose Properly: After use, throw the dental dam away. Do not reuse it. Used dental dams can harbor bacteria and viruses, so it's important to use a new one each time.

Take a look at this informative NSFW video to learn more about dental dams, and the variety of sexy ways to use them. This video features a harness specific to dental dams, but you'll still get the gist of how to use them.

With a little practice, using a dental dam can become a seamless part of your sexual routine. The added layer of safety may actually enhance the experience, allowing both partners to relax and enjoy it fully.

So, next time things get steamy, remember the benefits of using a dental dam. Stay safe, stay smart, and stay sexy! ;-)


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