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French Kissing vs Deep French Kissing? What’s the difference?

Updated: May 17, 2023


The type of kissing you’d share with someone on a first date.

There’s a mutual attraction, but because you don’t know each other very well, you’re careful to keep your kisses sensual and gentle. You may use your tongue in a gentle and sensual way, while being careful not to coat her face in saliva (no mess, no fuss), or force your tongue too deeply into her mouth.

This is the type of French kissing that you can expect during a Full Girlfriend Experience (“GFF”), and this type of French kissing is included in the fee of a Full Girlfriend Experience (“GFF”)



A more passionate and highly aroused form of kissing.

While standard French kissing is sensual and gentle, deep French kissing is more passionate, more intense, and often more messy.

You may wish to press your tongue very deeply into her mouth, or to kiss and lick around her lips and face. Less care is needed in order to confine your saliva to your mouth and you may even choose to suck on her lips, tongue or face.

This type of French kissing is far messier than standard French kissing, and as such, many of our escorts charge extra for this service.

I hope I’ve helped clarify the differences between the two services, so that you can make a more informed decision that suits your needs.


If in doubt, ask.

Asking for clarity is rarely offensive, but the absence of asking may lead to problems.


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