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The Girlfriend Experience – the perfect service for first time clients

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

For the novice pleasure seeker, visiting one of our beautiful escorts for the first time can be an unnerving experience. Here at The Doll House, we have a smooth booking process in which one of our friendly receptionists will assist you in finding the perfect companion. When making a booking with one of our escorts, it is important to be honest and open about your preferences and desires so that we can be sure to pair you with a lady in which you can have a genuine connection and unforgettable intimate experience with.

If you are still wondering about taking the plunge into meeting an escort for the first time and if it will really benefit you besides more than just the obvious reasons, read on. In this age of technology and long work hours, it can be hard to find the time to decompress, unwind and truly treat yourself. With more and more time spent on our phones and other devices, building non virtual connections with others has taken a backseat. As humans, physical touch and intimacy is important for both maintaining happiness and for relieving the stress of our busy everyday lives. Investing in spending time with a Doll House escort is a great way to experience time with a beautiful woman who will be wholeheartedly engaged with you and your needs.

Our Girlfriend Experience is the perfect introduction into the alluring world of escorts. Think of our ladies as an old friend, a familiar lover or an exciting first date with someone you have lusted over for far too long. A Girlfriend Experience with one of our Doll House escorts is relaxed, inviting and intimate, a sure way to calm any nerves. Escorts are naturally very good at adapting to and reading people, drawing out hidden desires and creating a warm environment where you are able to let everyday stresses melt away and enjoy the present moment.

So, what exactly does a Girlfriend Experience booking entail at The Doll House? I’m sure the exciting image of a breathtaking woman adorned in sexy lingerie comes to mind - and you wouldn’t be mistaken. Our escorts take great pride in their appearance, from their freshly done hair and make-up to adorning themselves in fashionable lingerie. Each of our ladies has their own style to appease different tastes, whether you are a fan of bare, natural beauty, exotic and foreign looks or a more enhanced and glamorous adult model. Our escorts also take clothing requests – so if you have something in mind, be sure to mention it when making your booking.

As an escort agency, we are different from other establishments in that we are much more discreet. We do not have a bar or common area in which our clientele may bump into each other, so you never have to worry about your privacy. Once a booking has been made with us, we give you detailed instructions on how to enter our agency – our address is not public knowledge and only given to clients when a booking is confirmed. Apart from your brief phone contact with our team to set up your date, the only person you will physically meet is the escort you have booked with. Anonymity for both our clients and companions is of the utmost importance.

On your arrival to The Doll House, greeting you at the door will be your chosen escort. She will welcome you warmly and take you to one of our 5-star rooms where you will get to know each other over your chosen booking length. Good hygiene practices are taken by all our escorts and we expect the same from clients. To ensure cleanliness, showers are in each of our rooms and soap, mouthwash and other toiletries are provided.

As the name suggests, the Girlfriend Experience is a booking in which your escort will treat you with the same affection as your very own lover. As you would with any other woman, a brief talk about consent is important. Communication between an escort and her client in the room is best to be direct so that both parties reach peak enjoyment. Asking permission is not a mood killer, in fact this kind of respect toward your escort will only create for a better time as gentlemanly behavior is always an attractive quality that women appreciate and reward.

A true Girlfriend Experience should be unrushed, for your first booking it is recommended that you book an hour with your escort. This gives you a chance to get to know each other and make the service less of a quick transactional encounter. Taking the time to talk, ask questions, kiss and touch at a leisurely pace only creates for a more exciting finish. As you go through the motions of intimacy with your escort, building trust in each other and finding exactly what each other likes can be just as exciting as the act itself.

Foreplay should come into action the moment you enter the room. It’s not all about sex acts but the aforementioned talking and taking your time to understand each other’s needs. Showing affection and warmth and creating an environment where you both feel comfortable expanding your sexual horizons together. Included in our Girlfriend Experience is kissing – both soft lip caressing and passionate French kissing. Your escort can lead you into erotic and sensual touch or you can take charge and show them what you’ve got. Massage oil and lubricant are provided to heighten sensuality as you lead into gentle fingering and touch. Our escorts are also skilled with their mouths in other ways, giving mind blowing oral relief and inviting you to do the same on them.

With all having gone smoothly, you should find yourself feeling a little lighter toward the end of your time atThe Doll House. Your booking will finish with a shower and refreshment before regretfully parting ways. We hope your introduction to The Doll House marks the start of a long relationship and we always welcome our clients back warmly.

So what are you waiting for? Located in Auckland CBD, you don’t have to travel far to find the most beautiful women in the city. Phenomenal sex is something everyone deserves, especially you. Get in touch now and finally bring your fantasy to real life.


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